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Adult bathrobe
1495 SEK
This bathrobe is made out of high quality former hotel towels. They come in sizes XS-XL. There are 7 different colors of bias tape that you can chose from. They are made by our partners Livslust in Latvia and Yalla Trappan in Malmö - both are social enterprises. Livslust supports less fortunate Latvian youths with scholarships so they can study at the university. Yalla Trappan employs immigrant women who have a difficult time accessing the regular job market.

These robes are also suitable for young adults/teenagers. 

The length of the robe is made to reach halfway on your lower leg/knee length. The most important thing when choosing the right size is the measurement from armpit to armpit. It is nearly impossible to do on yourself as it has to be done on your back! Choose a size that is larger than your measurement. If in doubt, choose a size that is larger than your measurement. Or email us at for guidance.

This might help you find the right size:

                                               Size:   XS,      S,     M,     L,     XL
Length (from shoulder down): 115, 120, 125, 125, 130
Back (from armpit to armpit):    80,    88,   96,  104, 116